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Mother of five killed by husband

Posted by On 3:06 PM

Mother of five killed by husband

A mother of five children has allegedly become another victim of gender-based violence, losing her life at the hands of her husband following an argument.
Danagi Gumai, 39, from a mixed parentage of Central and Milne Bay provinces, died at the Port Moresby General Hospital from injuries she purportedly received from the argument with her husband John Mave, 39, from Chimbu Province.
The incident happened last Sunday, when the couple was celebrating the husband’s birthday.
According to the case file information from police detective Chief Sergeant Ulagis Mantu at the Boroko police station, as they were celebrating, the couple had an argument which led to the husband pushing the wife. She slipped and knocked her head on a stone wall. She suffered head injuries and was rushed to the hospital by the husband’s relatives.
“The victim has been married to her husband for about 13 years and they have five child ren,” said Sgt Mantu.
“We confirm that we have apprehended the perpetrator and he is now locked up at Boroko police station.”
Meanwhile, the victim’s mother Emily Gemo told the Post-Courier that she never expected her daughter to fall victim to such a violent action.
“We were not told by my in-law and also his relatives that they had rushed my daughter to the Port Moresby General Hospital’s intensive care unit as she was suffering from head injuries,” said Mrs Gemo.
She said they received the news of her daughter’s passing from one of her daughter’s former school classmate that she passed away at around 3pm on Monday afternoon.
“We have already reported the matter at the Boroko police station and they have advised us that this is a very serious case and we would have to obtain a medical report from the hospital to verify the cause of death,” said Mrs Gemo.
Mrs Gemo said her late daughter had a long life ahead of her and had passed too so on.
The family should receive the medical report from the hospital today or later this week to file with the report at Boroko police station.

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